Monday, August 23, 2010

I kind of love this

Because you know, we all have some issues with our bodies and it's hard to accept what we have. I think that I came across this at the right time, because I looked in the mirror today and said "I'm lovin' my body" and that was that. It's taken a long time for me to accept the way I'm shaped, and you know what? I'm done doubting it and being upset about it. So here's to all those beautifully shaped women!

p.s. I saw this over on Highsnobette, which if you are interested in women's fashion check it out.

Friday, May 21, 2010

weekly kitten post

Because I can! And look at that face! What a cutie!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm noticing a trend

New Mint green eye shadow on sephora's website. I'm wondering a) how will this actually look and b) how are you supposed to wear it? Either way I'm interested, because let's get real I LOVE mint green. Jenn, teach me the ways! Here are a few I saw online:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just a little something....

I wanted to share on the interweb. Why you ask? Simply because these images made me smile and giggle. Enjoy!
Ugh, say what?! (FFFFound)
This guy looks miserable, but so darn cute! I kind of feel bad for him, but not enough to not laugh. (FFFFound)

Ok, this photo is kind of lame, but that's because this guy is from richmond and he was on the best blog in the world Cute Boys with Cats . Please entertain yourself for hours of cuteness. And I'm not sorry all these photos involve cats!

Men's style

Let talk a little bit of men's styling. I love to read
Selectism, an online magazine dedicated to the wondrous world of being an up to date, fashion forward man. Yum! Yes, I just said Yum, because A) I love men's fashion for some weird reason and B) if I were gonna dress a man, it would be by the hands of these gentlemen. You should check out their site and watch the awesome videos they have on how to wash jeans, how to makes shoes and other magical how to's. But what I really wanted to post about was this book: The Bearded Gentleman. It is a guide on facial hair offering 50 different styles and also going into the details of why (religious or not) men choose to maintain facial hair. I think it would be a fun gift for the man in your life who enjoys a good beard or stach.

Useless post?......Maybe

Sunday, April 25, 2010


So I'm fairly certain everyone has come in contact or known someone close to them with autism. It has been increasing in children over the past decade, or so it seems. Sometimes I think we are just advancing our knowledge on what autism really is and what we didn't know how to diagnose before we are finding the truth in it now. I wanted to post about this because of some amazing photo stories I found on contributed by Time magazine that brought me to tears, and yes I'm totally aware that I cry for just about anything, ha. But I'm sure once you see these photos and the descriptions you will do the same.

When I was 13/14 I did a lot of baby sitting around the neighborhood. One neighbor had a child with autism who was extremely high functioning, to me (not having an understanding of what autism really was) he just had a few weird quirks that most children didn't. The neighbor on the other side had a child who was severely mentally retarded. For me, when I think back on it, he was such a learning experience and sometimes I think both these boys lead me into what I'm doing with my life now. The child with MR was very difficult to take care of and sometimes at such a young age I'd say it was a bit traumatizing. I remember having to put him to bed and locking him in his room, sounds terrible right? But the parents had to, otherwise he would wonder out of his room at night and they might never know. Anyway back to these stories from CNN!

The first is about a child named Daniel, he lives in Austin, TX with a caregiver who is devoted to his every need. She ran a daycare before taking Daniel into her home full time, now her ever action revolves around Daniel's autism. Read the story here.

The second story is about the Dragonfly camp for children with autism. See the photos here. Everything they do is to enhance the child's confidence and specialized to deal with their autism. They still completed activities most children would in a normal camp, it might be a bit slower, but no one gives up on them. I would love to go to this camp and volunteer as a counselor. The photo above is part of the series and made me cry, the young girl in the wheelchair had to leave the camp the second day and the boy beside her was trying to comfort her. UGH! again the tears! It is amazing that compassion and being able to relate to another persons emotions does not stop with something like autism. I also really loved this photo,
autistic children have lower muscle tone than most children, so they can't do strenuous work like most and require frequent breaks. Here the child just decided to plop down and rest on top of his counselor. I can only imagine how amazing the counselors are, they must have so much patience, compassion and a real drive to work with these children everyday.